1. What is Distilling equipment's shipping policy?
While being packaged, all products are submitted to a rigorous quality inspection in order to make sure everything is in proper conditions.
However if something unfortunate happens, there are a few steps you must follow in order to help us to make a solution or some replacement accessories shipped to you.
When your package is being handed over to you by the courier company, there are multiple situations that can happen, so you must be prepared to properly deal with them:
Situation A: 
The package looks good from the outside however, after signing the air waybill and in the presence of the courier, you must open the package and verify if the internal content is still good. If you notice that one or more pieces are damaged due to rough handling during transportation:
What should I do in this situation? Make sure that you or the courier write in the air waybill that there was damaged content inside due to rough handling during transportation. Keep the package until the claim is resolved. Next step, send to this email: jack7sm@gmail.com , good quality pictures of the damaged content, and the package (outside and internal "peanuts" and wrapped pieces) so that we can make a good solution for you.
Attention: We will reject complaints without good quality pictures, which clearly highlight the defect of the item.
Situation B: The package appears to have been somehow violated.
What should I do in this situation?
 If there is a customs stamp on the package, it means that it was opened for inspection, which can sometimes occur.
If there is no stamp on the package, it may have been opened during transportation.
In both cases, after signing the air waybill, and in the presence of the courier, you must open the package and verify if there are any pieces missing or damaged. If that's the case, accept the order but write in the air waybill "missing pieces /damaged pieces due to package violation: piece x, piece y…".  Next step, please Send to this email : jack7sm@gmail.com good quality pictures of the violated package, of the internal peanuts, and of the items you have received inside the box.
Attention: If you do not verify the internal content in the presence of the courier and write down the problems on the air waybill, we will not be held responsible and the insurance will not be activated.
2. What payment options do you have?
We accept bank transfers, Western Union and PayPal. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions.
3. Which currencies do you accept?
By default our pricing is in Euros but customer may select to see the currency of choice. Bank transfers are only accepted in Euros.
4. Which countries do you ship to?
Generally, our company ships to countries all over the world via DHL, FedEx or UPS. However this service does not include all countries. If the destination within your country is not part of the main continent (eg islands, remote areas), pallets will only be possible to ship door-airport or door-cargo freight. If you do not find your country listed or you want to be sure regarding the service available to your address, before concluding your online purchase please email to Jack7sm@gmail.com and we will try to find some other means of transport for your merchandise.
5. Have you experienced any shipping restrictions?
As to date we have not experienced any restrictions whatsoever, be they customs or of any other nature.
6.What is the procedure when there are customs restrictions for importation?
If customs restrictions for importing do not allow importation of items, FedEx would inform us and these items would be returned, client would then be reimbursed for the cost of the item excluding shipping costs. It is the clients' responsibility to find out which customs restrictions apply in their country. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions.
7. Shipping Charges?
Please bear in mind that this shipping calculator (product info page) displays shipping costs per item only and not combined shipping. If you are making multiple purchases, discounted combined shipping costs are applied, when you checkout, on the total volumetric weight of your order.Your order may be tracked online at all times from the time of departure to arrival at destination. when your order shipped and provide a tracking number of the package(s) will be offered.
We want to offer our customers the best high quality service and any carrier we may use will have to conform to these standards.
8. What is the delivery period for your products?
The delivery period may vary between 3-7 days or 15-25days to Russia. Depending on the destination and the method of shipment, it can take longer.
We would like to remind our customers that items are only dispatched after payment is confirmed, in the case of a Bank Transfer once the deposit of funds is in our account, for Western Union once funds have been cleared.
If you use a credit card through PayPal, items are dispatched immediately. Our company uses DHL, FedEx or UPS service  OR Russia line which has a tracking system to allow our clients to track their order online.
All orders which the customer purchased a thermometer or manometer, including our kits, there is a delay of 2 to 3 days, so we can weld the brass connection to the equipment.
For more information please consult Terms and Conditions.
Please note: If you would like to know the delivery period to your country please email to Jack7sm@gmail.com
 9.What advantages do I have in registering?
By registering you make yourself eligible for future discounts and promotions which may be communicated to you by means of our future newsletter.
10. What about customs duties or import taxes?
If you are not a resident of the European Union you may be liable for customs or import tax in your country for goods exceeding a certain value e.g. Goods with a value greater than $1000 (Australian Dollars) may be liable for import tax in Australia. Rates are very much dependant on the law and its application in your country or state. It is the client's responsibility to be informed of the laws that apply in their own country or state.
11.Will I have to pay Value Added Tax over and above the listed prices?
All residents within the European Union must pay VAT. During the checkout procedure it is determined whether you are liable for VAT based on the delivery address you submit. All orders delivered outside the European Union are VAT free.
The VAT rate in Portugal is 23%. Distilling equipment with a volume equal to or greater than 10 L are considered agricultural machinery and enjoy a reduced 13% VAT rate.
Registered companies or taxable entities in the European Union are exempt from VAT when goods are dispatched if they are able to provide a VAT number validated on the VIES database:
In this case VAT due on the transaction will be payable on acquisition of the goods by the buyer where the goods arrive. This is known as "intra-Community acquisition". In this instance the buyer accounts for any VAT due in their normal VAT return (document declaring liability for taxation submitted to local taxation authority) at the rate in force in their country.
If you have submitted a valid VAT number and choose to pay by credit card - PayPal or 2CO, you have to make full payment of goods first, including VAT. Once we have verified that your VAT number is valid we will then grant you a full refund for the total VAT value paid.
If you choose to pay by wired transfer, please await our confirmation before effecting payment without VAT.
12. My thermometer developed bubbles on the column, separating the liquid, how do I fix it?
Grab the thermometer slightly below its middle with one hand. Make sure the bulb is pointing down. Gently strike the thermometer against the palm of your other hand. Continue the process until the bubbles have cleared.
Take the thermometer and hold it firmly, with the bulb pointing away from you. Raise the thermometer above your head and quickly swing it downward. Stop once the thermometer is in a vertical position. Repeat as necessary. The centrifugal force should clear the bubbles.
Heat the thermometer bulb under hot, running water. Don't heat it too long -- you don't want the mercury or alcohol to rise to the top of the expansion chamber. Once the bubbles are gone, hang the thermometer with the bulb down for several hours.
Be very careful when you're handling a thermometer. Don't treat it too roughly or it will shatter.

13. My soldered union alembic is leaking, what should I do?
If it’s only a small leak in the pot or condenser, sometimes this can happen unfortunately, and is due to a small air hole in the solder that is invisible to the eye and can only be detected when using the alembic for the first time. Please email us to let us know, and if you have local welding place or mechanic who knows how to use a welding machine, we can send you some lead free brass, silver or copper rods that can be melted down and applied directly on the leak, sealing the air hole in the solder and thus avoiding expensive shipping costs and delays in returning the alembic.