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Copper Mesh

Copper mesh fills the distillation column because of it has very high surface area, with the advantages of adding copper to the distillation column such as reduction in sulfur compounds. 
An excellent high surface area random column filling for distillation column.Roll to fit inside of distillation column without being compressed. While still remiaining in place. It is best to roll somewhat snug.
Important:Always keep copper column filling clean and dry.

We got a lot of questions about copper mesh , so I listed a few main questions as following:
1. Why I use the copper mesh?
Copper Mesh is good for removing the sulfides from the stainless steel columns and other various compounds.

With the time, as the copper reacts with the vapor in the column , it will become black slowly. Don’t worry, this is normal!
And, even better, the copper can be cleaned and reused.
Simply soak the copper mesh in a solution of citric acid and tap water, wait a few hours you will see the copper color coming through from underneath the blackness. Eventually, the sulfides will react with enough of the copper that you will need to replace it, but it should be enough good for the moment!

 It is ideal for directing the flow of liquid and exposing it to the maximum amount of rising vapour.
 It gives much better liquid-vapour exchange efficiency and much less resistance to vapour flow.

Note: Don’t let the copper/citric acid/water soak together in an aluminum baking pan.


2.How to add the Copper Mesh to the Distillation Column ?

I. If you receive the copper mesh, you need cut & roll it in order to create a kind of mesh “plug” or “roll.” To create a plug for the column (2” diameter as standard size), you need to cut one piece about 4 feet as the length, whereas you’ll need about a 10-foot long strip for a high-capacity column (3” diameter).

II. After you’ve cut the copper mesh to the length you need, lay it out on the ground.
and then roll it loose until get a roll of copper mesh which is similar size as the diameter of the column in 4-6” width.

III. Slide this roll into the column. When doing this, should be very careful,  not to squish too tight because it will reduce the void space, which is the place to rise in the column for the vapor . So it cannot be too tightly cramming there, but it also needs fit snugly to hold itself in the place.

IV. Then cut another piece of copper mesh with the same method and repeat this to make another roll of copper mesh.

V. Rolls as many as you need until you fill the whole distillation column with the copper mesh—both the upper part& lower parts of a 2-piece distillation column. Some users also like to cut small pieces of copper mesh to put around the cooling lines too.

3.How Much Copper Mesh I Need To Buy for the column?

For the column in standard size 2” as the diameter, usually use about 30feet length copper mesh.

For the column in bigger capacity  size 3” as the diameter,about 90feet -120feet depending on the rolling.

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